I have really enjoyed working on a number of video projects, editing in Adobe Premiere Pro and using some After Effects features. It has been a great experience for me being able to develop my skills in video from using green screen keying, motion graphics and animation to understanding how to improve colour, lighting and sound in post production.  
Michael Weiss
In early 2021, having designed a logo for Miami Weiss Aviation Ltd, the owner Michael Weiss asked me to help him produce content for a re-election campaign for a seat on the board of ISTAT - the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading, the industry body. I created this video for posting on LinkedIn, where it gained around 6,000 views on his page, and over 800 on mine, within two weeks.
Together in Barnet
I have also created videos for the homeless charity Together in Barnet that I work as a trustee for.  In July 2020 during lockdown we had an online fundraising event featuring Tamsen Courtenay, a bestselling author, talking about homelessness.  I was keen to use the content recorded from the Zoom event, including an interview of the author by Jonathan Freedland (Guardian journalist and author) for marketing purposes for the charity. The main challenges were imposing a punchy inclusive structure on a rather long video and dealing with the poor visual quality of the recording.
I also make content requesting donations!
Reading for Wildlife
One of my favourite projects was for the Reading for Wildlife charity (see the project page) during July 2020, editing over thirty videos of readings from a book by the author and by several celebrities, as well as supporting videos by some celebrities and tourism industry moguls for social media marketing. The videos were uploaded, one a day, during their campaign over August 2020.
Below is a selection of my favourites including Joanna Lumley's super reading, chapter 2, where I added superimposed some illustrations, and one of the "Why I Care" videos, put out on Instagram, read by comedian and activist Tony Hawks MBE.

Joanna Lumley reads chapter 27

Dan Campbell Smith reads chapter 2

The author and illustrator Zella reads chapter 9 from her book

I produced a product demo promotional video for Federal IronGuard cylindersincorporating a 3D model, shooting with a Canon DSLR, edited on Adobe Premiere Pro
Federal IronGuard cylinders promotional video (excerpt) ​​​​​​​
Codringtons home page GIFs
Spains Hall Advert GIFs - wedding venue / corporate events

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