Reading for Wildlife, connected to elephant charity Tail to Tale,  spent a month - July 2020 - releasing a film everyday of a reading of a chapter from the kids' book An Elephant for Breakfast by Zella Hunter, which introduces younger readers to the theme of illegal wildlife trade.
I helped out with the graphics and video editing of the author's own readings, as well as a few of the celebrity read chapters and a number of the supporting "why I care" videos for social media. I particularly enjoyed editing the Joanna Lumley and Dan Smith (from the pop band Bastille) videos as I got to insert some of the illustrations from the book.
I was asked to recreate the logo in a few different ways, and to intertwine Zella's illustrations into the charity's message, which was used on social media and in the video branding.
I edited the chapters read by the book's author Zella Hunter, from chapter 5 to the end, and I was also lucky enough to edit a couple of the "Friends'" videos, including Chapter 2; I worked with Zella to add some new drawings to the video.
I recreated the videos' intro and outro from chapter 10 onwards and animated the SAVED graphic which appears in the outro in the last seconds of each film. I had to deal with lots of exciting issues like video supplied in portrait mode - oh no! - video recorded in a London garden - a lot of ambient noise and changing light! - and awful sound, wobbly handheld video... however it was a fantastic project to be involved in and fairly enjoyable!
See the Reading for Wildlife page on Youtube

Chapter 2, read by Dan Campbell Smith from the pop band Bastille

Chapter 9, read by the author Zella

Chapter 27, read by Joanna Lumley

Chapter 21, read by Jacinta Nzioka, founder executive of the Kenya National Convention Bureau

Here are some of the celebrity "Why I Care" films that I edited, that were put out on Facebook and Instagram, in support of the campaign

Tony Hawks, author, campaigner and comedian

Nell McAndrew, model and fitness enthusiast

Jacinta Nzioka

John Scanlon, former Secretary General of CITES, and Special Envoy African Parks

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