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This is a collection of single page projects with a selection of posters and other layout design.
Explanation of drink ratios, specifications, etymology and history
I became fascinated with the origins of coffee and how it spread across the world, as well as an interest in the different names, and the ratios of milk to coffee - if you buy a giant latte from a high street chain do they really put in a huge quantity of coffee? And wouldn't that be too much caffeine?! According to the Italian Espresso National Institute if the water is not passed through the coffee at - at least - nine bars of pressure, it's not an espresso. Coffee was introduced to England around 200 years before tea.
Enfield ER range padlocks
I designed many posters for Codringtons advertising different products, that would go into locksmiths' shops. There was always the need to catch the eye but also to educate the customer about the features and possibilities: most products came with a wide range of sizes, versions, alternative materials and keying options, to tailor them to different purposes. This poster was for the Enfield range of small brass padlocks that came in nine different body sizes, with four different shackle lengths.
HA Acoustics 
Map & Core Values
Having helped this firm of acousticians with various small freelance projects, I was asked to produce a UK map wall-chart for their office, with the company's core values. I love creating simple symbols in Illustrator that convey a message quickly;
I persuaded them to have me back to create a catalogue with information about the company and the services they provide.

Padlock range explainer
I designed this poster for a trade show - as a give-away for locksmiths to put up in their shops. It lays out the full range of padlocks that the company sold in this country, with the various body sizes, materials, shackle sizes and features aimed at different jobs. This is certainly a good example of how much photography was involved in the job - I must have photographed well over 10,000 products over the years; many were quite challenging with reflective shiny materials and tiny differences or features that had to be highlighted.
Together in Barnet
Volunteers request poster for the homelessness charity
During the pandemic the charity's entire M.O. had to change and we suddenly needed to enlist many volunteers to deliver food and other supplies. The poster was used in our supportive faith communities' buildings - churches, mosques and synagogues, as well as online on the social media.
Homeless Action in Barnet
Fundraising event poster for homelessness charity
I love trying to incorporate graphics and symbols into text when designing logos or posters that help to quickly communicate the message or spirit.
Four posters
Cheeky Comedy, series of posters for a comedy gig promoter; Barnet Community Track & Trace;
TouchClean door furniture treatment for Codringtons; Friends of Tembaletu Supper Quiz fundraiser
Whilst it's always important to create eye-catching posters, it's a great challenge trying to find the right attitude or style for the message or client. I love using colour and contrast as well as finding an idea or graphic device that will draw attention or imagination. I certainly enjoyed using Photoshop to create the image of a door handle that might make people think.
Danny Blue
Album cover
Together in Barnet
Donor's certificate
My favourite part of this design was creating the red and gold stamp / rosette from scratch.
Spains Hall Estate
Off-road horse-riding brochure
One of the perks of this project was to go roaming on the estate with my camera, and to have a couple of horses and riders as my models! It was great fun directing them and asking them to gallop past.
Pizza and Grill Menu
This job came from the printers who had secured the job but had no print-ready artwork files. I had to design it fast with a short deadline, a tight budget, and as seems to happen in many of my projects an awful lot of information that had to be crammed into not so much space. 
Here is a collection of some posters I made for fun using AI. Elements were created using AI, but the designs, ideas and layout were my own - although each one is inspired by a well known style.
AI has come a long way and it is an incredibly powerful tool, but it remains surprising to me how when you look a little closer things are far from perfect, and it can take a lot of fixing. And fingers! Fingers are a real problem.

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