Logos & Branding

Wentworth Woodhouse
Stately House, South Yorkshire
I was asked to produce a logo for the house as it opened to the public for tours and events. I used the front projection from the architectural plans, as it has the widest frontage in Europe. I designed business cards for staff and several leaflets.
Miami Weiss Aviation Ltd 
Aircraft Finance Consultancy
Michael Weiss, or "Miami" to his work colleagues, needed a logo and website for his new consultancy. The style to use was obvious! Miami 80s style, with the London skyline (he is based in London) and a aeroplane relating it to aircraft finance. I also produced several videos for him.
Codringtons Ltd
Specialist Security Products Wholesale & Distribution
As the in-house designer for Codringtons for 18 years I designed the logo and branding, and updated the style over the years, developing the logo for different uses, and creating icons for the catalogue and marketing materials.
Together in Barnet
Charity for People Experiencing Homelessness
I was asked to design a brand and logo for the charity by one of the founders, as they formalised their status after some years as a voluntary organisation. The device for the logo was inspired by the open doors of the churches, mosques and synagogues that welcomed the clients in each night, with a warm, safe place to sleep and hot food.
In 2020 I joined the board as a trustee and helped the small charity with their design and marketing, and social media output (see the videos page). The logo was updated over the years and used on marketing material, social media and T-Shirts.
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services.
I was brought in to re-create the logo from a low resolution copy. Having re-built it I couldn't resist developing it to make it stronger and cleaner, and adding the organic device to make it more memorable and attractive.
Diamond Trading Ltd
Security Products Wholesaler
I love creating fonts for logos, as well as trying to graphically represent the company or its industry in the type and logo.
Friends of Tembaletu
The London-based charity fundraises for several schools for children and young adults with learning difficulties and disabilities in the Cape Town area of South Africa. I've been involved from the start, designing the logo, as well as a website, leaflets and various collateral for fundraising and events.
Access Control System
This was one of many logos I designed for products that Codringtons brought to the UK market through work with manufacturers all over the world.

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