Trabajo Joe, full alphabet and punctuation, caps only
Trabajo Joe: some alternate characters, fills and styles
Some font exercises and experiments
Gas Weasel - 3 related fonts;
Full alphabet sets, with numbers, punctuation and (Gas Weasel II:) European language characters
Gas Weasel comparisons, with all the symbols, glyphs, diacritic symbols, numbers and ligatures
I created a poster of all the extra characters one might design when making a font.
I was curious to learn all of the names, especially of things like the interrobang, caret, and ash.
For me, the big disappointment was that if "&" is an ampersand, then the ubiquitous "@" symbol must have a good name. It hasn't. It's merely called the "at sign" or "Commercial at", (there's no universal agreement over its name) whereas in other countries it is known as a strudel because of its similarity in shape.
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