Federal Lock Co

Lock manufacturer, Taiwan

Whilst working at Codringtons I created lots of marketing resources for Federal, from product photography for use in print as well as various customers' web-shops, to designing brochures, leaflets and offers advertising and explaining their wide range of security products. 

I was also responsible for creating posters and stickers to promote their brands on locksmiths' shop walls and front doors. 

I got the chance to do some product design, styling a window locking bolt and designing a hasp for a large industrial container lock.

I produced a product demo video for Federal IronGuard cylinders, which is below.
Marketing literature
Product photography
Enfield ER Padlocks range packaging - blister-pack cards, boxes, cases, and outer boxes
Product design
Garage door bolt and guard / keep for garage door bolt
Hasp for container lock
Window lock
Federal IronGuard cylinders promotional video (excerpt) 

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