Socksy, Foxy and the Seventeen Trees
by Zella Hunter
After my graphic design and video editing work on the Reading for Wildlife campaign, I worked with author and illustrator Zella Hunter on her children's book about the wonder of trees.
The Book of David: The story of David Shapiro
In 1912, with just £10, David, aged 16, set off on his own from Palestine to Rhodesia speaking just Hebrew and Arabic, to seek his fortune. This is the story of David Shapiro's life, from Zichron Ya'acov to Lausanne, via Lusaka and Salisbury.​​​​​​​
A lot of work went into scanning and repairing old photos - some over a century old - artificially colourising some of the images, and developing the text, illustrations and layout into a clear and interesting tale of his life.
Preview the book here or buy a copy!
The Ruggles-Brise Book of Correspondence with Prime Ministers Civil Servants and Others 1776 - 2018
This book at a hundred pages required careful and clear and layout, using some high resolution document scanning, and some Photoshop repair, especially of some of the family coats of arms.
Photographic Record of Royal Visits to Essex 1947 - 1978
This project involved some very high resolution scanning as well as some repair - of an old newspaper cutting (HRH Princess Alexandra - see below), and some rather intense Photoshopping to reveal text from a letter from the Duke of Gloucester that had been almost completely bleached out after years of being displayed in a glass case in the sun.

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